Apoklisi is a minimalistic daily goal tracker that represents your progress through an eclipse. By completing your goals, the moon and the sun will remain in balance leaving you with a perfect eclipse. Missing your goals however will cause a divergence, an apoklisi. The moon will drift further away from the sun and towards the goals that need more attention.

The symbolic eclipse gives you a bird’s eye view of your progress without overwhelming you with information. Want more details? Tap on a goal on your iPhone and your daily progress will appear around the sun. Apoklisi’s tracking algoritm will reward you if you exceed your goals, so you don’t need to feel guilty for taking the occasional sick day.

Pizza The Pie

You're an aspiring home cook who wants nothing more than to become the greatest pizza chef in the world. Learn to combine both classic and unconventional toppings to create the most delicious styles of pizza from around the world. Your customers are hungry so don't keep them waiting – and don't serve them the wrong slice!

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